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Useful Marketing Strategies to Use in The Midst of Covid-19

All sectors of the society have been adversely affected by the unprecedented health crisis brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic. The pandemic has hit small businesses, forcing some to shut down their physical stores. None of us is sure of how long the pandemic will be with us, so there's a need for businesses to quickly adopt new marketing strategies to survive.

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1. Grab the Online Opportunities

In the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic, the shift to online shopping was natural. Why shouldn’t you too move everything online? Your presence online is essential for you to continue growth amidst this health crisis. Here are a few ways to clinch the opportunities.

A. Email Marketing

It simply the use of email to market your products and services. With email marketing, you can reach your customers and inform them about new products, services, offers without them having to visit your stores physically. Email marketing is one of the most cost effective and direct form of online marketing. Emails allow you to engage with customers interactively. With email marketing, you’re sure of reaching your customers, for the emails remain in their inboxes until they act upon it.
You can take reach out to your customers in this period when the pandemic has caused movement restrictions and the fear of getting out.

B. Social Media Marketing

Social media is where most customers spend their time, especially when people are at home. Social media marketing is basically using social platforms to market your products and services. Here are social media marketing strategies businesses can adopt during the ongoing pandemic.

  1. Advertise with Facebook Ads
  2. Use Twitter to conduct social listening among consumers.
  3. Use of YouTube Ads
  4. Pinterest marketing
  5. Instagram marketing
  6. Advertise on Google Ads
  7. Answering FAQs

i. Use Of Facebook Ads

Facebook is a social platform with an astounding 2.8 billion monthly users from around the world. Apart from facilitating people to stay connected, this platform enables businesses to market their brands and services at an affordable cost. Advertising on Facebook is very effective because you can target your specific customer by age, interests, location, gender and much more. The company has reduced the advertising costs during the pandemic, so many businesses can maximize on this to boost their sales.
To make your strategies more effective during the pandemic, consider retargeting your ads to remind people about your products several times. Facebook retargeting ads can help you convert website visitors to potential customers. Retargeting is necessary since not all people who visit your site make a purchase instantly.

ii. Use Twitter to Conduct Social Listening Among Customers

For your marketing strategies to work out, you have to understand your audience. Twitter offers you the opportunity to conduct research of social listening among consumers. This helps you address their needs better because you can perceive consumers’ interests and concerns and make small changes if need be. A product that is customer centric increases customer loyalty.
Twitter Analytics helps you understand your followers. This tool can help you track how you’re meeting the changing needs of your customers during the pandemic. It can also help you decide if your brand marketing strategy is working or not, so you can make the necessary changes.

iii. Advertise with YouTube Ads

During this pandemic, a successful marketing strategy comes from being on the platforms where your customers spend most of their time. YouTube is one of the most popular platforms with 2.3 billion visitors. In light of the Covid 19 pandemic, most businesses have taken advantage of this avenue to reach their customers remotely.
Advertising on YouTube is cost-effective for it operates under the Pay Per Click Principle. This means that you only pay when someone clicks the ad. It’s also possible to micro-target ads on YouTube to reach the relevant audience and increase your chances of successful sales.

iv. Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a social network that can help small businesses to grow their online presence amidst the pandemic. It is a search engine where potential customers look for relevant information. If you prepare informative blogs and videos with frequently asked questions, you can increase your sales. Here are three strategies to make Pinterest marketing effective:

  • Use Rich Pins – These provide information about your website. For example, a product pins is good businesses for they contain information about the product descriptions, prices, and availability.
  • Optimize your Profile – It refers to using the right keywords on your profile to help potential customers discover your business easily.
  • Engage With Others – like all other social platforms, engagement with others is key to successful marketing on Pinterest. You can do this by sharing messages with other pinners or send direct messages to your followers.

v. Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a social platform that has developed creative features to enable your company to extend its digital reach in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Below are some of the features designed by Instagram to enhance your marketing strategies during Covid 19

  • Support Small Business Stickers – This tool allows users to discover and support small businesses. Users can share their favorite business with friends in posts and stories.
  • Instagram Shops –  are features that help companies that are trying to sell online. This incredible feature transforms your account into an online shop provided you meet the requirements. This feature allows small businesses to promote their brands and services online with ease.
  • Call To Action (CTAs) Enhancements – It is a feature that Instagram adds on profiles, stories, and Ads, to convince its users to act. CTAs have direct links to sales since customers can land in your online store when they click the feature.
  • Instagram Live and IGTV – These features help a business advertise in video format which is a great way to get brand awareness.
  • Instagram Ads – Thankfully, paid ads are affordable on Instagram with you setting the budget you want to spend. It is worth advertising on Instagram because you can choose a very targeted audience to show your advert.
  • Influencer Marketing – Influencers are credible popular individuals who influence a large population with their opinions. This has gained popularity for businesses to engage with micro and macro influencers to create brand awareness to their audiences.

vi. Advertise on Google Ads

The use of Google Ads is another strategy to reach customers when they are online. Google ads pop up in search results when a user performs a keyword search. Google ads operate on the same principle as YouTube Ads with the Pay Per Click principle. Like YouTube ads, it’s also possible to target the customers you want.
During Covid 19, customers spend part of their time on Google, for this is where they find answers. With proper targeting, it’s possible to reach the right audience. For example, if your deal along the line of beauty and personal care, Google Ads will be appropriate to showcase your soaps and sanitizers.

vii. Providing Answers To FAQS

Answering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on your website is a powerful way of converting prospects into customers. It provides customers the necessary information regarding your brand or services, so they make informed decisions.
During Covid 19, customers are full of uncertainties about the safety of products, so they often ask about the measures you’ve enforced to guarantee the wellbeing and safety of your products. When you give wise responses to these questions, it builds confidence in them. With the help of FAQs, it’s possible to convince customers to buy your product by giving them reasons why they should consider your brand.

2. Strategize On Retaining the Existing Customers

Customer retention is a marketing strategy that involves engaging the customers you already to continue buying your products. This strategy is essential for any business to survive in the light of Covid 19. Here are some marketing strategies to retain your existing customers:

A. Provide Excellent Customer Support

Communication with customers is vital during this period. Customers need to hear from you during this health crisis, so reach out to them through your customer support team.
Your customer support team should comprise people who pay attention to customer concerns and give a prompt response. Customers feel appreciated when their concerns are put into consideration, so be available for them. Consider using Chatbots to provide answers to customer queries 24 hours a day.
Customers want to be heard when they encounter challenges while using your products or services. Giving your customers an ear wins their loyalty.

B. Give Exclusive Offers

Covid 19 has affected all sectors of society, including household incomes. In response to these changes, most customers want to reduce their spending during this period. There’s no suitable time to offer exclusive discounts than now when customers want to cut down costs. When you offer special discounts to customers at this time, they feel you care about their interests. Exclusive discounts are a great tool to win customer loyalty, they can help you make sales even when times are tough. Make your customers aware of such options by advertising on social media or sending them promotional emails.

C. Offer Excellent Delivery Services

The Covid 19 outbreak has brought in new terms such as lockdown, and social distancing. This means that customers are restricted from getting out of their homes by these measures.

Some customers fear to leave their homes for fear of contracting the disease. In this situation, customers want to shop online and have the goods delivered to them.
For your business to be outstanding, strive to give customers the best delivery services. Excellent delivery service is possible when you add logistics to your services and simplify the online ordering process. For example, if you have a restaurant, you can upgrade your food packaging to suit delivery. Your packaging should showcase your brand and possibly include a message on the box reading, “enjoy your meal.” It may seem like a minor thing, but to a customer, it’s a personal touch.

D. Invest in Blogging To Keep Your Customers Updated

As the Covid 19 continues to ravage the economy, there’s a great need to keep your customers updated about your business. Continued communication is vital during this health pandemic so as to stay top of mind with your clients.
Therefore, you have to think of creative ways of engaging your customers apart from the frequent newsletters. Blogging is an exciting way to interact with your customers from time to time. Generate relevant content that adds value to your clients lives, for example a health restaurant can share healthy cooking tips and recipes. To reach many potential customers, consider sharing the links to your blogs on social platforms.

Through blogs that add value, you improve brand image and become the credible source of information for that industry or niche. Blogging also helps potential and regular clients connect with you and win their loyalty. By having loyal customers, you are guaranteed regular sales and income.

Final Thoughts

The struggle to keep business afloat in this pandemic season is very real. The most important thing is that you don’t stop your marketing efforts. The strategies given above should provide a starting point and provide hope that not all is lost. They will give you ideas of a few things you can do differently in order to make sure they reach as many people as possible and get them excited about coming back when this is all over. We wish you well!