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Google Ad is Google’s advertising platform that aids users to effectively reach more specific audiences using texts, videos, and images. It offers several incredible targeting options where you can present advertisements at the right time, to the right people, and in the right place. Google Ads principles are majorly based on the concept of the targeted keywords or audiences chosen by business owners and the number of advertising activities largely depends on the available budget



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Google Ads Guidelines

Implementing right Google Ad strategies and excellently executing them will bring a lot of profits to your online businesses such as increase sales, enhance brand awareness, more customers, and establish brand identity. Time to make a change and move forward for a better future of your online business with Google Ads.

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Google Search Ads

Search ads are text-based ads created for search campaigns and they will be displayed on Google result pages. A search ad aids advertisers to display ads in the place where most internet users are looking for information on google search.

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Google Display Ads

Display ads are image-based ads that will be presented on web pages within the Google Display Network (websites that Google gives commission for displaying Ads). It offers targeting that you can use to boost your ads to reach the right audience.

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Video Ads

Video ads enable advertisers to do advertising in video format within a short amount of time (6 to 15 seconds). Mostly, video ads will be presented at the beginning and the end of the videos, but sometimes they will appear in the middle of the video.

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Ad Extensions

Ad extensions give additional helpful information to the audience on why they should interact with your ads. There are five types of ad extensions namely site links, offers, locations, calls, and apps. These add-ons can lead to a higher click through rate.

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Google Ads retargeting

Google Ads will enable you to remarket your ads to your audiences who have shown their interests in your ads or website. It is an efficient tactic to increase your leads as those audiences already recognize you and may be interested in what you offer.

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Google ad offers 3 bidding systems CPC (Cost Per Click), CPM (Cost Per Mille), and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) that allow you to choose a bid budget for your ads you will then auction over the advert position. The highest bidder has a higher chance at a good position.

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Quality Score (QS)

QS is all about the quality and relevance of your ad that Google will use as an indicator to see if your ad is useful to the audience and if it leads them to the proper page once they click on the advert. The higher the quality score the better the ads for your business.

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Ad Rank (AR)

Ad Rank is what will determine the position and placement of your advertisement. Your ad rank largely depends on its quality score and the number of your bids (the number of bids multiplied by quality score). The higher the ad rank is, the higher the position of the ad is.

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Reach a vast audience

Approximately, Google has over 4 billion searches daily and Google ads can reach 90% of all internet users around the world. Advertising on Google allows you to reach a wider audience. Google ad also allows you to make a specific audience targeting.

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Target your ads for relevance

Reaching the right audience is better than reaching all people. Google ad allows you to make your own targeting; keyword targeting and demographic targeting. These two ensure your ads to effectively reach the most valuable audience for your business.

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The campaign is the top level of ad account structure where you can specify targeting, setting bid strategies, budgets, etc. A campaign is what you first set-up when you make advertisements. It aids you in organizing and managing the different paid ads efforts.

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Landing Page

A landing page refers to the web page to which you are trying to drive traffic from your ads. It is the specific page on which users land after clicking your ad. A landing page must be relevant to the ads. This will increase the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.