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Original Content Creation

Original content creation is essentially the process of producing content that has not been published on online channels before. However, it is necessary to know that the initial content creation process may also refer to offering your unique opinion on the content that another person has already published. This does not mean the simple act of copying and pasting and adding a few details here and there. The end product of original content creation is high-quality and valuable content that has no existing duplicate.

The objective of original content creation is to provide users with helpful information that is unique and enables users to have a comfortable browsing experience. Original content creation does not incorporate dubious malpractices such as keyword stuffing and the inclusion of illegal backlinks. These activities make search engines like Google take severe actions against your website that will leave it at the bottom of its Search Engine Results Pages.

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Characteristics of Original Content

1. Original Content Does Not Infringe on The Copyrights of Others

Original content creation supports the attribution of the original creators of a particular piece of content. If you are creating content and have come across interesting content you wish to integrate into that which you are producing, reach out to the original owners of the material. They will inform you how to attribute them to your content using the bits you have plucked from their existing content.

2. Original Content Can Have Elements of Curation.

Original content may at times comprise different materials sourced from other existing works, texts, or articles. In your quest to create high-quality and unique content for your users, you may lift a section of an article from one writer, another one from another writer, and so forth. Always ensure that the elements of curation you have incorporated into your content are credited to their original creator. Failure to do this makes the content a mere duplicate.

3. Original Content Is Timeless and Evergreen.

One of the primary reasons for creating original content is to solve the problems of users. Unique content will always be relevant to the target audience and motivate them to take action, e.g., subscribing to your email newsletter. Even if Google alters the algorithm it uses to determine the ranking of websites, webpages, and blogs, the original content will still have the same impact on the target audience because it will always be valuable.

How to Create Original Content

To create original content, you can carry out the following best practices:

1. Use the data of your target audience.

This is a practical and helpful trick. No one knows your target audience’s preferences, wants, needs, and pain points more than you do. The Google Analytics tool can help you to identify the pages which your audience visits more. In addition, Google Analytics will help you establish the products and services that your prospects may be most interested in. You can therefore use this data to come up with original content that users will find helpful.

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2. You can use content creation tools.

Today, creating original content has been made more accessible because of the availability of content creation tools. A very popular content creation tools is the INK tool. This tool will assist you in creating unique content that is also highly relevant to your users. Also, the INK tool offers you additional material related to the content you are making to help you get better insight into how to craft your content uniquely.

3. You can channel your own experiences in creating your content.

Everyone has their perspective regarding different things. For example, two people may visit the same destination, say, the Eiffel Tower. However, these people will mostly encounter different experiences all through their journey. Therefore, coming up with unique and high-quality content may all boil down to sharing your venture, story, or encounter in a way that the next person may not! This is one way of coming up with the most original content.

4. Using images that you have created yourself is also another way of creating original content.

Including user-generated content is an essential element of the original content creation process. By including images and other visual elements such as infographics, they can significantly boost the uniqueness of your content. The originality of your content may also get a massive boost if the images you use, e.g., pictures that were taken by you. In the same vein, adding videos that you recorded yourself to your content will also boost the originality of your content.

5. You can “read” the current trends and create content around them.

A good content creator always gets ideas from different sources. One of these may include social media platforms. A quick “tour” around all the social media channels may give you an idea of what is trending and what is currently hot. You can then come up with original content about the trending topics.

Importance of Creating Original Content

A. Original content makes your website and business more appealing.

If it offers users an easier time navigating through a website, more people will trust the website. The increased credibility means a business has higher chances of getting more leads, more conversions, more subscriptions, and more revenues.

For example, let’s assume a customer wants to have the metal fittings in their kitchen fixed. If they perform online searches and come across a nicely-written blog on your website with all the necessary information regarding such repairs, they will reach out to you. It is because, in their eyes, you are an expert and an authority in your field.

B. Creating original content is cost-effective.

Content marketing generates more organic traffic to your website than traditional marketing because it has high engagement rates. In addition, it can help you to get more high-quality leads because it is an effective advertising tool. Therefore, original content creation will allow you to save a lot of money that you would have otherwise used in activities such as Tv ads, radio ads, and billboards.

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C. It can give you more backlinks.

Since original content creation can boost the authority of your website and webpages, your website is likely to get more links from other websites. As the number of backlinks to your website increases, your value in “Google’s eyes” will rise. As a result, you will keep earning more and more high-quality backlinks due to a boost in your reputation.

D. Original content is highly shareable.

Whether it is original videos, original images, or original articles, all forms of original content are highly shareable on social media platforms. Getting more shares implies more comments and conversations about your website and, consequently, more buzz around your brand. Search engines like Google value shareable content and may place a lot of weight on it to determine where your website ranks on the Search Engine Results Page.

5. Original content can get you more mentions by influencers and on media.

Original and highly informative content can help you to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Here, you put yourself in a good position for influencers to spot you and see what your brand offers. In addition, you may also get mentions from other websites and blogs that might have taken notice of you. This will drive more traffic to your web pages and blogs and help you grow your social media following through more likes on your page.


The original contention creation process entails producing unique content that has not yet “graced” any digital platform. However, it may also involve curating existing content so that it does not infringe on other people’s Copyrights or result in duplicates. The most advisable way to go about this would be to use a material like images you have taken yourself and self-recorded videos. It is because original content is highly shareable. Therefore, businesses should strive to produce unique content because it will boost their credibility and visibility and help them get higher conversions and more revenues.

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